FAQs - Ezysolare Basics

A quick reference for some of the commonly faced difficulties

Ezysolare is an ecommerce of solar industry to make the process of going solar hassle free, cost effective & simple. 

Currently we are providing 2 services:

  • Solar Energy Assessment Report
  • Solar Module Layout Report across the globe

Both our offerings are designed for all possible variations of projects-rooftop and ground mounted, MW & KW scale, crystalline and thin film modules promising users a tailor- made solution to their unique requirements. 


Using the latest in scientific methodology and technique, ezysolare provides the most advanced state-of-the-art renewable resource data. With the introduction of the ezysolare website, we now offer a customizing and analyzing tools to drive decisions.

The ezysolare interface enables you to tailor the way you want your product for the specific needs and demands of your work, all within a seamless, user-friendly environment. 

Currently ezysolare offers the reports for knowing the expected generation, savings to figure out viability of going solar & getting the capacity of the plant that can be accommodated and understand the layout of solar panels. 

Service which are right for you depend on your requirements:

SEAR -Solar energy assessment report 

Solar Module Layout Report 

First, If you want to evaluate the site to check the feasibility of solar project & examine the energy potential of a site then you should go to Solar Energy Assessment Report(SEAR). This report estimates the solar resource of your site with the ground and satellite data. 

Second, Once you get the idea of energy potential of your site and want to check how many modules & inverters you need to get this desired energy, layout report will help you know this. 

Ezysolare estimate the project capacity, estimate the energy production through solar pv and module layout based on the information provided by client. 

Follow the steps to subscribe a blog 

Click on subscribe option from ezysolare website, enter the email address & full name. 


We never want to loose you but if you still want to unsubscribe, just click on the link at bottom of our subscription email. 

There are two ways to get your lost report:

Step1: Sign In with ezysolare and you can access all your reports and invoices in your personal account. 

if you have lost your report from your personal account as well then you can follow Step 2. 

Step2: Write to us on Contact Us page with order number, details of your report and you will get it in your inbox. 

There are two ways to get a copy of your old report :

Step1: Sign In with ezysolare and you can access all your reports and invoices in your personal account. 

Step2: Write to us on Contact Us page with order number, details of your report and you will get it in your inbox. 


Yes, ezysolare services can be accessed via smartphones. 

Ezysolare provide services across the globe.Just send us the Geo-coordinates/Address of project location and ezysolare will estimate the solar potential for the same. 


Difference between the three: 

1. Home Owner's install the solar power plant at own premises and generate electricity for self consumption to reduce the energy bills. 

2. Commercial & Industrial plant generate the clean energy through solar plant, helping  consumer to reduce their energy bills along with carbon footprints.

3. Utility scale plant are large scale (MW) plant which generates energy, sold to the  wholesale utility buyers, not the end consumers.