FAQs - Fees & Pricing Plans

A quick reference for some of the commonly faced difficulties

ezysolare is providing SEAR in three meteorological datasource. 

1. NASA-SSE : Rs. 500/report 

2. Meteonorm : Rs. 700/report 

3. SolarGIS :    Rs.1000/report 

You can always pick any combination or all three to know the energy generation comparison of your site. 

To know the pricing structure of SEAR for all meterological database go directly to pricing page of ezysolare.

Pricing structure of layout report is based on the capacity in kW/MW. We offer layout based on below given data:

1. Layout  (kW <= 10) :            Rs.1000/report 

2. Layout (10 < kW <=100) :     Rs.3000/report 

3. Layout (100 < kW <=1000) :  Rs.5000/report

4. Layout (1< MW <=10) :         Rs.7000/report

5. Layout (10 < MW) :               Rs.10,000/report 

You need to know the capacity or shadow free area of your site to get order your solar module layout report. 

If you dont know the capacity, please use this calculation below which we use for pricing of layout report: 

  • Area (12 sq.m) = (1 kW) capacity

You can even go directly to pricing page on ezysolare to check the pricing structure of solar module layout report. 

Build reports with your with your logo & contact details and ezysolare do your branding on our reports.

If you are interested in doing branding with us, you can send an inquiry by going on contact us page of ezysolare and we will get back to you ASAP with the detail info you required. 


ezysolare will refund money only if you get wrong service from our end. Based on our customer requirement we provide two type of refund method: 

1. Money back 

You can write an email to info@ezysolare.com with your full name and transaction details. Add reason for refund and attach the product which was not according to your expectation. 

2. Get Credits

You can write an email with the attach copy of inaccurate product and we can give you credits based on Rs.1= 1 Credits. Same credit can be used by you to order any other service we provide on ezysolare page.